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Event Tyres Reviews

event tyres reviews

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The drone of fluorescent lights.

The drone of fluorescent lights.

Trying to wrap things up as next week is getting crammed from a social perspective.

Opera on Tuesday. (Harris Theater - Double billing of Bela Bartok 's Duke Bluebeard's Castle and Arnold Schonberg's Erwartung (Expectation). Samuel Ramey sings the title role of Bartok's lonely Bluebeard who ultimately kills his Judith. Ken Cazan directs, Alexander Platt conducts. In Erwartung, Soprano Nancy Gustafson is the only character in the haunting melodrama). Excited as these are pretty close to the best seats in the house.

The Duhks at Schubas on Thursday. This is a band I saw at Merlefest that does a little bit of Celtic, a little bit of Bluegrass, a little Blues, and was just fantastic to watch. They have a new lead singer who just blew me away. I hope they deliver here as well as they did in North Carolina. Fellow Chicagoans - you should really try to make this show.

Theatre Saturday - "Pulp" - About Face Theatre at Victory Gardens Greenhouse. (In this hat-tip to lesbian pulp fiction, Thebus's cast shrewdly plays at once hyper-camp and (insert meaningful look here) strictly straight. With every double entendre, head swivel and sideways glance, these women snag laughs by making a real cool-like play for them. After an indiscreet how-do-ya-do with the general's daughter, WWII vet Terry Logan rides the rails to Chicago, here the chipper Pepper enlists her into a new kind of service: serving drinks at a bar for women loving women. As Logan gets wedged between lipstick-lesbian Bing and "straight" bar owner Vivian, playwright Kane adheres to the pulp manual in which secrets can be seen coming like the express train and arrive just as punctually. in the end, every femme gets her butch. In About Face's remount, Thebus shows off a fine knack for the tangy voiced genre, as do Warren and Andre Pluess's cabaret tunes. The water treading middle could kick up some splashes with a more suspenseful plot )or just more plot); while the dialogue delivers when reveling in the silly-serious genre, it often stops at a standstill to flatly relay info. But as with pulp itself, it's less the writing's nuances we admire than its titillations. Nearly as the tough-as-nails Logan, Bevan as the tough-as-glossy-red-fingernails Bing, and Dworkin and Kane as the bartender and her drag king, respectively, all have a (turn head, shoot look) gay old time. But the sight of Warern's world-weary Vivian leaning against a doorsill with her head tossed back - that's reason enough to imbibe this Pulp) (Time Out review)

I'm starting to love living in the city. Of course, after flipping through Time Out on the train this morning, I've got about 8,000,0000,000 shows and events I want to schedule now. Sadly, there's just not enough days for that. Or money.

LOTF Friday 11th July 2008 - Sheep Dip - The Lovedays making a lot of noise!

LOTF Friday 11th July 2008 - Sheep Dip - The Lovedays making a lot of noise!

The Lovedays are a four-piece band from the Medway/Maidstone areas of Kent in England.

They formed out of the embers of Carters England, featuring the songwriting prowess of Ben Jones, the rhythmic pulse of Samuel Jacques, glued together by guitarist Jason Crispe and bass player Steve Huggins. Their debut EP "When The Lights Went Out", was released in September 2007 and their self-produced eponymous first album was released in January 2008.

Loveday music is a throwback of 60s melody and values with a current attitude; Beach Boys harmonies, Beatley arrangements, Who-like energy. That Californian 60s West Coast sound spun in with Swinging London. - an apocalyptic mish-mash of melodic harmony and intricate arrangements

Lounge on The Farm success
(posted by ben on 15-07-2008)

Well folks, Lounge was another great outing for us. The best festival of the year, amazing line up of diverse acts over 6 stages, we were honoured to be there.

We had a great turnout, about 250 or so on the opening day of the festival. Big Kudos to Chris Gymer and Tom Palmar for great work at the sound board. Thanks to everyone who came to see us. Reviews will be up soon.

Highlights of the festival for me were:

The great "Billy Wears Dresses" - great band, brilliant songs, inspiring to see another band making songs and performance most important.

Holly Golightly - superb songs, really great broke down set up.

Larry Jon Wilson - the absolute highlight. Simply breathtaking, engaging performance, cant praise this man enough. Check him out. The looming presence of Johnny Cash with such a unique personality.

Scott Brunger - The highlight of the folly stage. great original songs, wicked performance. Opening for us on our upcoming dates, really looking forward to hearing more of his songs.

Thats it for now, am still so tired from the weekend, brain not working quite right!

Again, thanks to all for continual support, hope to see you at some of the upcoming gigs.


Lounge On The Farm - Kent’s bestest festival, ‘Lounge On The Farm’ returns for it’s third outing on the weekend of 11-13th July 2008, even bigger and bolder than ever before, and with an increased capacity. 2007’s event established LOTF as a heavyweight festival with a uniquely local twist and 2008 is set to take the extravaganza to the next level. Set in the idyllic surrounds of Merton Farm in Canterbury, ‘Lounge On The Farm’s rustic charms will play host to 160 bands spread across 6 stages, from local heroes and cutting edge acts to renowned heavy hitters.

event tyres reviews

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