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Triangle Winter Tires

triangle winter tires

    winter tires
  • This type of tire is suitable for snow and ice covered roads. The tread pattern features a heavily siped, fine-block design with grooves that are deep and wide, providing excellent driving traction and braking performance on winter road surfaces.

  • A tire (in American English) or tyre (in British English) is a ring-shaped covering that fits around a wheel rim to protect it and enable better vehicle performance by providing a flexible cushion that absorbs shock while keeping the wheel in close contact with the ground.

  • (Winter tire) A tire with a deep tread suitable for winter conditions

  • a three-sided polygon

  • Triangulum: a small northern constellation near Perseus between Andromeda and Aries

  • A plane figure with three straight sides and three angles

  • A thing shaped like such a figure

  • A situation involving three people or things, esp. an emotional relationship involving a couple and a third person with whom one of them is involved

  • something approximating the shape of a triangle; "the coastline of Chile and Argentina and Brazil forms two legs of a triangle"

that's it for volleyball this season

that's it for volleyball this season

52 weeks: week 36

today my team played our last games of indoor volleyball for the winter session through tri-sports. our first game of the post-season we won 3-0 without much effort.

on our second game today we lost 2-1. even though we lost, it was the best games we've played this season. our first game we were down 5 or 6 points, but came back to win it. i was happy to get the last 2 serves in to win it considering i usually choke under pressure. we started the second game off strong. we were ahead 13-9 at one point, but ended up losing 17-15. the last game was a nail biter. started off down again, 6-12 at one point, but came back up to 13-13 with a string of great serves. we ended up losing 14-16. i could tell we were getting tired by the 2nd and 3rd game of the second set. my only complaint throughout the game was that the other team displayed some unsportsmanlike conduct. there were quite a few times that were questionable as to whether there were lifts and/or double hits that they should've called. in fact there was one time their setter came down on our side and interfered with our setter that they didn’t call. oh well, we'll just have to play better next time so that there won't be any of those questions.

all in all, i couldn't have asked for a better group of people to be teamed with. they were so much fun to play with. i'm already looking forward to playing in the spring season with them. if outdoor starts up too, i'll get to play with a different group (assuming there's no scheduling conflicts).

in the meantime i hope the weather warms up so i can get some rounds of tennis in.

note: i really wanted to take a shot in the gym, but there's no way i could've gotten it set up without interfering with anyone else. i do have some great tennis and beach volleyball ideas in mind for future 52 weeks self-portraits, so stay tuned!

strobist: canon 580exii into diy beauty dish camera right, triggered by an elinchrom skyport. bare olympus fl-36r camera left.



Winter is here...well except for the white stuff...and the playgrounds are empty. I took some time away from studying and decided to head out on my bike with my camera in hand. I visited two playgrounds that I used to play in when I was a wee lad. Of course these days everything is built from colourful metal piping and covered in a nice plastic coating, as opposed to the rubber tires and probably recycled hydro poles of my child hood days. So, where am I heading with this...to be honest i have no idea. One thing about this playground that I have never forgotten was when my life flashed quickly before my eyes!

It was a splendid summer day and I was riding my not so stylish electric green banana seat and high ride handle barred bicycle...when a friend challenged me to a race. Before I could answer, he was off, so I jumped on and peddled as fast as I could! Pretty soon, I was exiting the parks perimeter and heading onto the street completely forgetting to look both ways. All of a sudden as I enter onto the street a brown sedan came to a complete halt, missing me by half a meter or so. Panic struck in my eyes instantly and the only thing I can do was to continue biking as fast and as far away as possible. I knew I was in trouble and that I could have been seriously hurt, so like any other child I headed home in the hopes that mommy would be the =(

Luckily for me, she had the afternoon off and saw me all flustered and red faced. Right away, she though I was heat exhausted...so she shoved me into a cold shower to cool me down. She asked me what I did, but was way to embarrassed to admit my stupidity. Since then, I have always looked both ways..seems to be working =D

Image is © 2009 Giuseppe Pascale

triangle winter tires

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